Nov 13, 2009

Broadcomm 43xx on Karmic Koala

Thanks to Karmic which has made me come back and wrote somethings down here.
I found my first case, there was a netbook which run smoothly on JJ. But when i installed KK on it, the wireless did not do anything....hmmm we go:

  1. Open terminal, make sure that your wireless is "Broadcomm 43xx" by typing sudo lspci
  2. Insert Ubuntu 9.10 LiveCD to CD-ROM drive.
  3. Type these command below
  4. sudo apt-cdrom add
    sudo apt-get install dkms patch fakeroot bcmwl-kernel-source
  5. Restart computer.
  6. Go to System - Administration - Hardware Drivers; Broadcomm BCM43xx wireless chip had been detected
  7. Now it's time to set the wireless connection



I am a PC said...

hv u tried KK on lenovo S10-2 ?

Anonymous said...


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