Jan 25, 2008

Play more with compiz

In continuing my war with my friend ( edubuntuGG vs pclos2007 ), i spent some time of mine to knock him down. And i did it ( for this time......seems like this war will never end....heheheh )

Ohya...let me tell some about him, he was installed pclos some times ago and while the rest of teachers here moved to edubuntu, he sticked on his pclos. I honourly salute him since he was not from IT background and struggled alone in using pclos by himself. His pclos desktop had been crashed and burnt so many times because of the compiz setting and he kept on it.........good job my pclos ranger........

Back to play more with compiz, actually i just added some additional effects which couldn't be found in basic compiz installation.I am succeed on fireflies, snow, cube snow globe, cube atlantis, 3d windows, autumn, failed on stars, freewins, anaglyph. Not yet : screensaver, freewins, wallpaper, tile and photowheel.

firstly, you have to install some additional packages, open terminal and
sudo apt-get install compiz-bcop compiz-dev build-essential libxcomposite-dev libpng12-dev libsm-dev libxrandr-dev libxdamage-dev libxinerama-dev libstartup-notification0-dev libgconf2-dev librsvg2-dev libdbus-1-dev libdbus-glib-1-dev libgnome-desktop-dev x11proto-scrnsaver-dev libxss-dev libxslt1-dev libtool libgnome-window-settings-dev gitweb curl autoconf automake automake1.9 libtool intltool libxslt1-dev xsltproc
next, create a compiz folder --> sudo mkdir -p ~/compiz/

then get the packages for additional effects, ( all files will be on /tmp )
wget -O /tmp/3d.tar.gz 'http://gitweb.opencompositing.org/?p=fusion/plugins/3d;a=snapshot;h=db3c51d6c5c0df268fc1ec29a4264ef3d21dbbb3'
wget -O /tmp/atlantis2.tar.gz 'http://gitweb.compiz-fusion.org/?p=users/metastability/atlantis2;a=snapshot;h=fb6507c40216b13be567bd3d9501b5c598e084cd;sf=tgz'
wget -O /tmp/snow.tar.gz 'http://gitweb.opencompositing.org/?p=fusion/plugins/snow;a=snapshot;h=01d0ff6ec71dae4699bc990e0114569c8ad4e083'
wget -O /tmp/stars.tar.gz 'http://oreaus.googlepages.com/stars.tar.gz'
wget -O /tmp/atlantis.tar.gz 'http://gitweb.opencompositing.org/?p=fusion/plugins/atlantis;a=snapshot;h=a47d7151444faccd66ea5cb884673cdebe5d7dff'
wget -O /tmp/screensaver.tar.gz 'http://gitweb.opencompositing.org/?p=users/pafy/screensaver;a=snapshot;h=6565001eb389fb0d18cfead6030054cc8edc6c5f'
wget -O /tmp/anaglyph.tar.gz 'http://oreaus.googlepages.com/anaglyph.tar.gz'
wget -O /tmp/wallpaper.tar.gz 'http://gitweb.compiz-fusion.org/?p=fusion/plugins/wallpaper;a=snapshot;h=c2d19686e46ae171b6a0c04da9de1adbd74ae8be'
wget -O /tmp/tile.tar.gz 'http://gitweb.opencompositing.org/?p=fusion/plugins/tile;a=snapshot;h=550c91fa188efd39c9cea43f894b45716b5cc6d5'
wget -O /tmp/freewins.tar.gz 'http://oreaus.googlepages.com/freewins.tar.gz'
wget -O /tmp/fireflies.tar.gz 'http://oreaus.googlepages.com/fireflies.tar.gz'
wget -O /tmp/photowheel-0.6.tar.gz 'http://gitweb.opencompositing.org/?p=users/b0le/photowheel;a=snapshot;h=41d8090b55b629f72bef55d785beaf468f31662f'
wget -O /tmp/snowglobe.tar.gz 'http://gitweb.compiz-fusion.org/?p=users/metastability/snowglobe;a=snapshot;h=e8fd620a199016fa17c69bc0da75c9ea3f473776;sf=tgz'

Example : i want to install snow, then i have to do
  1. open terminal
  2. type : sudo tar -xf '/tmp/snow.tar.gz' -C ~/compiz/
  3. type : cd ~/compiz/snow
  4. type : sudo make
  5. type : sudo make install
  6. done, open compiz setting manager and activate the snow effect
Repeat above steps for each effect that you want to install.

to remove effect ( go to the folder first ) : sudo make uninstall

Hotkeys :
fireflies = set to F12
snow = super+F3
autumn = super+F11
cube snow globe will play when you do cube rotate
3d windows = set the bevel and see the effect on cube rotate
cube atlantis = set the fishes and see those fishes during rotate cube

well.......that's all, if you want the detail, please click here!


Play with compiz

I made this article, based on my funny experience which i had installed compiz but i don't have any idea how to play the effects. I am using HP Presario M2258 ( Intel Centrino 1.73GHz, 512MB RAM, Intel Mobile 915GMdisplay adapter )

In dealing with compiz, we have to

  1. Have a computer with Linux installed ( i used Edubuntu )
  2. install the compiz : sudo apt-get install compiz
  3. be creative !! ( i missed this before..... )
Next : go to System - Preferences - Advanced Desktop Effect Setting
from terminal, type : ccsm

The compiz setup windows will appear and you can activate or de-activate any effect based on your desire.
Tips :
  1. always activate resize windows
  2. beware of opacify ( i turned this off )
  3. Super button = the button which has windows logo
Here is some clues :

Desktop cube : add the workspace to 4 and activate 3d cube, then set the opacity as you wish which can be found on transparent cube tab
Rotate Cube : Activate this and set some perimeters ( speed, zoom, timestep, etc )
Activate animation and set the effect for each windows behaviour
activate wobbly window
activate cube caps and set the picture for top and bottom of the cap
activate expo and see the result by pressing Super+E

play on effects : ( activate the related effect first )
Paint fire on screen : on = Shift+Super+button1, off = shift+super+c
Water Effect : shift+F9
Shift switcher : super+tab ( turn off ring switcher first )
Ring switcher : super+tab ( turn off shift switcher first )
3d rotate desktop : Ctrl+Alt+Button1+move or Ctrl+Alt+Drag the mouse

Last thing : after you activated an effect, please find the action key, it usually under the actions tab under the binding menu ( i missed this before, and i found this out after my friends came to me and show me his PCLOS compiz........he declared a war....i have to fight back.......now we still have it )


Jan 24, 2008

Kambing : my best edubuntu repository

Repository is very important for me in improving my linux knowledge. I used edubuntu and everytime it released, i just downloaded the live cd only. After that, i tried to add with some packages which i needed most. Since i live in Indonesia, it's hard to get the repository from outside servers. The connection is better at night. I ever re-installed my unit and tried to update it all night long. And i am sure that there is another way to prevent this.

By the time, i can make local repository. and now i anchor my repo to "kambing" server. It faster than before, even on the busy hours. I can get at least 1Kb/s rate in a full loaded traffic, but i also ever get 60s Kb/s connection.
Based on this link, I just did few steps to switch my repo to kambing server.

  1. open terminal
  2. type : wget http://arsip.ubuntu-id.org/berkas/sources.list.kambing
  3. sudo mv sources.list.kambing /etc/apt/sources.list
  4. sudo apt-get update
That's it.......now i can install or update from kambing with a faster connection.


Kambing : PCLOS 2007 repository

I have a friend who used PCLinuxOS 2007 and i am happy for him since now he can make his desktop became cube, rotate it and also burned. One day he asked me : can i have a link of pclos repo from Indonesia ? because, it took long time to get the repo from abroad servers.

I tried to find how to switch pclos repo to kambing ( this name is so familiar to Indonesian Linuxers ), and then i made it.

Here is the steps :
  1. open super user terminal
  2. type --> vi /etc/apt/sources.list
  3. go to the last line and add below line to it
  4. rpm http://kambing.ui.edu/pclinuxos/apt/ pclinuxos/2007 main extra nofree kde
  5. put # on the rest of the other lines of repositories
  6. save it and close it ( esc, ZZ )
  7. type --> apt-get update
  8. done
now, my friend can install or update from kambing which is faster !